Busy Weeks

Since Oct 20 until now we have been so busy in the Library! During the week of Oct 20-24, PreK-3 and  PreK-4 read,  The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams.  They then colored the items from the story and made a scarecrow.  Kinder learned what happens to pumpkins when they sit outside and begin to rot in an old garden by reading, Pumpkin Jack by Will Hubbell. Our first graders were given a “book” to shelve by reading the spine label.  I heard some comment about how hard that was, but happy they were able to complete the task.  Our third, fourth, and fifth  graders used the online catalog to complete a scavenger hunt.

The past two weeks, Oct 30- Nov 9, our students are Celebrating  Native American Heritage Month with many activities.  PreK-3 and PreK-4, listened to the drums from a Pow Wow and were able to play on a little drum.  This week we read,  Ten Little Rabbits by Virginia Grossman and Sylvia Long. They began decorating their vests by coloring a design and will finish the vest next week.  Our Kinder students read, Lump Lump and the Blanket of Dreams Inspired by Navajo Culture and Folklore Written by Gwen Jackson.  Next week they will make their own Navajo blanket using construction paper pattern blocks. First grade learned about pictographs and wrote their own story.  Next week they will paint their story on “buffalo skin” (paper bags).  Third grade has been researching tribes that live in North America.  They were assigned a region.  Then they chose a topic to create about that region or tribe.  Fourth grade have been researching tribes that lived in Texas.  They chose a topic and are recreating an object or a scene.  Fifth grade chose a tribe and are going to make a poster about that tribe. I cannot wait to see the final products and post pictures.  They will continue this fro the rest of November.

Our students made a Day of the Dead altar by coloring sugar skulls or flowers.  We also had a visit from author and illustrator Shelley Anne Jackson.


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